Enriching Learning: How to Give Your Child the Best Start

If your child is enjoying the benefits of an Early Development centre, you’ll want to know how you can join them in their educational journey and help to enrich their learning at home. There are so many ways you can work in conjunction with whatever child care your child receives to enhance the benefits.

Take an Interest

This may sound obvious but so many parents don’t actually realise what their child is doing each day at childcare or in their early development centre. It’ll make a huge difference if parents can get onside right from the beginning.

Ask staff what the children are learning about each week so that you can help to consolidate this at home. Additionally, stay connected with the centre and ask for regular feedback about any areas where your child is flourishing or needing additional help.

Speak to your Child

Again, it may sound obvious to actively engage with your children but this is something that commonly goes by the wayside when things are busy. Speaking to your child and having a conversation is absolutely vital to help their development and to ensure that they really excel in their learning. Try to avoid falling into the trap of only asking your child about what they want for dinner or telling them to head to bed, and instead take the time to genuinely speak to them.

Conversations with your child can cover a whole range of topics – from what they’re enjoying to what they are scared of. Find out what they like and what they don’t like, when they’re happiest and what their dreams are.

Often the best conversations are had when you’re out and about so why not go for a walk or take your child to the park?

Reward Achievements

It’s always good for kids to have an incentive. Make sure that you keep in regular contact with staff looking after your child to ensure you know of any achievements or awards that they’ve gained – this could be anything from sitting nicely in a story time to gaining their first star on a chart.

Many parents give children treats or presents for good behaviour or accomplished goals. Be careful that you don’t overdo this as rewards can quickly lose their value, especially with young children. Try to create a star or behaviour chart which they can see as a long term project and build up points to an eventual prize.

Get Involved

Many parents whose children attend early development centres often feel that this forms the base of their care.

Indeed it’s an excellent foundation but it’s also essential that parents are fully involved and on board with everything that their children are doing. Don’t be afraid to get involved if the option arises – you could even spend time in your child’s classroom or there may be opportunities to help out with story time or an event.

Feel free to contact the friendly Educators at your centre to find out how you can extend their learning and early development experience. Likewise, if you are interested in joining in with the children during their various centre activities or excursions, please let us know!