We are committed to providing nutritional balanced meals which will ensure that your child receives 50% of their dietary intake while at the Centre.

Nutritious meals & snacks

Our Centres offer delicious and nutritious meals, which includes lunch as well as healthy snacks for morning tea, afternoon tea and a late snack. All meals are prepared fresh daily by our experienced cooks in the kitchen located within each Centre.

Meals provided are prepared using quality foods from local services and include a variety of vegetarian, hot and cold meals. All staff are trained in safe food handling procedures.

Our cooks are experienced in adapting the menu to accommodate for specific dietary requirements. Please discuss your child’s individual needs with the Centre Director when enrolling your child to ensure that meals are planned to cater for their requirements.

At Stepping Stone (SA), we are committed to providing your children with varied and nutritious meals, promoting with them the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. All our centre menus are guided by ‘Nutrition Australia Guidelines‘.

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