Kindy Programming

(3 to 5 years)

Our centres run a preschool program to support children to develop the essential skills and confidence to prepare them for starting school.

About our kindy program

Our Kindy children are encouraged to use non-verbal and verbal communication through various forms. Artistic, musical and sensory experiences provide opportunities for non-verbal expression, as well as incorporating Augmentative Communication systems such as keyword signing into daily practice. Verbal communication is developed through group games, stories, social interactions, ‘show and tell’ activities, language games etc.

The resources provided and programmed activities provide opportunities for children to develop literacy awareness. This is inclusive of recognised programs such as, Letterland or Jolly Phonics.

All our Centres run a readiness for schools program for Preschoolers to provide your children with the essential skills and competence to assist them when starting school. This is unique to Stepping Stone (SA) and will give families the confidence that their child is provided with the best nurturing and care before they start their learning journey.

Educators regularly reflect on each child’s progress through the cycle of planning that gathers information from the child, parents and educator observations. Learning opportunities for individual children are reflective of their current interest to extend their knowledge and skills. This is an important developmental stage for children and open communication between educators and families supports children to reach their full potential.

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