Sun Safe

Our aim is to support children to develop sun safe practices through the implementation of our Sun Safe Policy.

How do we support children to be sun safe?

As parents, you can support children to become sun smart by dressing them in clothes that cover their trunks, shoulders, necks and limbs, protecting them from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

As educators, we involve children in the routines of applying sunscreen and hats, raising their understanding of the need to protect their skin from UV rays when in the sun.

Staff monitor the UV rating at regular intervals throughout the day and share this with children to raise their awareness of sun safe practices. This information can be found at

Our Sun Safe Policy

Our Sun Safe Policy is guided by Cancer Council recommendations of wearing hats and applying sunscreen when the UV rating is 3 or above. If your child requires a specific sunscreen, you are able to provide the centre with this. Please talk with the Centre Director or your child’s educator to organise for this to occur.

Our outdoor learning environments have verandas, shade structures and trees that provide shelter from the sun and extreme weather.

What do we provide?

The centre will provide a hat (bucket or legionnaires style) and SPF 30 or higher age appropriate sunscreen for all children when accessing the outdoor play environment.

Water is provided throughout the day to all children to ensure they remain hydrated.

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