Adelaide Fringe: Inspiring Creativity in Children

Adelaide Fringe, which this year runs from February 19th to March 21st, is the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest arts festival. A key event on the calendar since 1960, this event offers a vast variety of cultural delights for children as well as adults. We’re lucky to have this event right on our doorstep.

Known as ‘The People’s Festival’, Adelaide Fringe teaches children key concepts about inclusivity and diversity. It is a not for profit, open access festival and has a welcoming feel for anyone and everyone – so roll up!

At Stepping Stone Childcare and Early Development Centres, we know the value of inspiring creativity in children. We plan activities on a daily basis that allow children to use their imagination and get creative through play. We always encourage children to ask questions and to try new things whilst consciously carving out time and space for creativity to flourish.

Adelaide Fringe 2021 Highlights 

There are so many creative, stimulating events happening during Adelaide Fringe 2021. Children and their parents can simply wander the venues soaking up the atmosphere, the colours, the sights and the sounds. 

However we’ve found a few specific shows, performers and theatre companies that we think children will really love so book your tickets and get inspired.

‘Junior Detective Collective: The Mystery of the Golden Scoop’ – The Juicy Orange

Described as an ‘energetic theatre troupe’, The Juicy Orange are passionate about interactive theatre for children and really have taken the experience to another level. 

At Adelaide Fringe 2021 they’ll be showcasing their latest piece designed for children aged 6-12 years old entitled ‘Junior Detective Collective: The Mystery of the Golden Scoop’. Children can choose their own adventure detective mystery and enjoy the quirky characters whilst helping to solve the clues along the way. 

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‘Mr Badger’ – Splash Theatre Company

Children really love the classics and The Wind in the Willows is no exception. ‘Mr Badger’ draws its inspiration from this well known and well loved tale brought to life by Splash Theatre Company. Available to watch at Carrick Hill, this will bring a sense of wonder to children – and perhaps a sense of nostalgia for the parents in the audience.

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‘The Amazing Drumming Monkeys’

Kids love animals, and puppet shows are a brilliant way to let imaginations run wild. With this fantastic family puppet show in the Garden of Unearthly Delights at the Adelaide Fringe, both children and adults can sit back and enjoy. The live drumming will get your feet moving – whatever age you are.

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With the first showing at 8.30pm this may be one for a special treat, or for slightly older children – yet it can’t be beaten in terms of inspiring creativity and intrigue in young minds. Having premiered at Adelaide Fringe three years ago, this installation has been shown internationally in over ten different countries. 

At a time when we can’t travel far, children can experience the magic of the Northern Lights from right here in South Australia.

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‘Around The World with Mozart the Banana Man!’ – Rich Jay

Children learn better having fun, so this show includes songs, dances and a giant Banana!

Mozart the Banana Man shares smiles and makes the world a better place and in his first Fringe Show, he hopes to educate children on the merits of foreign cultures, to squish cultural intolerance and inspire openness towards all people.

This is the perfect show for children who love listening to and making music as the kids get to help write a song! There are even games to be played and prizes on offer.

Don’t miss out on this educational comedy that is sure to delight both kids and adults.

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