Why Work at Stepping Stone (SA)

Stepping Stone (SA) Childcare & Early Development Centres Pty Ltd believes that without a harmonious staff team each Centre will not be able to achieve the expected high quality of education and care.

Our focus

To assist our team in creating a harmonious and environment Stepping Stone (SA) has a strong focus on:

  • Professional and personal development,
  • Networking opportunities within and outside of the Company;
  • Encouraging participation in workshops, in-servicing and Team Building events;
  • Encouraging all team members to be a part of the policy and procedure development through consultation and involvement;
  • Providing resources that are meaningful, useful and applicable for each individual Centre;
  • Providing time and space for team members to complete programs and consult with each other;
  • Family friendly and
  • Flexible employment options.

Stepping Stone (SA) recognises and acknowledges individual Team Members for their qualifications, achievements and milestones.

If you are interested in joining our motivated and passionate staff team please forward your resume and details to us for consideration. Click here to submit an initial enquiry.

Benefits of working for Stepping Stone (SA)

Stepping Stone (SA) provides all their employees with a chance to work in a South Australian owned Company with the full support of Management and a great Administrative Team. All employees go through a strict induction process, which ensures that Stepping Stone (SA) is able to offer our children the best education and care possible.

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