Bounce SA: Encouraging Active Children

Bounce SA is described as an ‘indoor adventure park’ offering a much needed adrenaline rush for children of all ages. It certainly will grab the attention of little ones and their carers who will want to dive straight in and explore the 50 interconnected trampolines as well as the creative obstacle courses.

Perfect for either a rainy day or for escaping a hot summer’s day, Bounce SA gives children the chance to take their physical activity to another level and release all the energy that they can!

Benefits of trampoline activity

As well as being great fun for all the family to enjoy, trampolining has some serious benefits for children and can be really helpful in their development. From coordination and motor skills to agility and perception, there are lots of skills to be learnt whilst bouncing up and down!

Releasing energy

It’s been found that children who do a high level of physical activity (and release energy outside of the classroom) find it much easier to calm down and focus on tasks when it comes to learning.

Developing motor skills

Did you know that jumping up and down on a trampoline forces the brain to function bilaterally? Both sides of the brain and the body must operate together to help coordination and maintain balance when on the trampoline. This is really beneficial when it comes to developing motor skills.

Encourages persistence

Many children feel a little uncertain when they first try a trampoline and they may be nervous about how to bounce or what to do. Mastering the skill of being on a trampoline is quick and easy to do – this means that although it requires the child to learn persistence, it can also really boost their self esteem when they figure out what they can do independently.

Improves sense of perception and posture

As well as being a great cardiovascular workout and helping to maintain children’s natural flexibility, trampolining naturally requires children to use their sense of perception and understand the space they are in.

The trampoline floor moves constantly so children develop a heightened awareness of where their centre of gravity is as well as employing their balancing skills too.

Even just a short session at Bounce SA or on a trampoline in your home or garden can help a child to feel relaxed and calm. Releasing energy and learning new skills in such a fun environment means that this is a great activity to enjoy throughout the year.